BEWARE - You might be used to driving on the continent, and adore the freedom of those lovely French roads, but the French authourities are tightening up their enforcement of the rules, particularly with regard to excess speed or alcohol. It's high on the political agenda, and it's starting to have an effect.

DO enjoy driving in France - the roads are so less crowded than ours that it can indeed be a pleasure, but remember, if the Gendarmes catch you infringing the laws, there are hefty 'on-the-spot' fines, and with the advent of computer linking, points can be added to your British licence. It may be wise to remember that on the Autoroutes, the times are recorded at entry and exit on the Peage sections - travel too fast for too long and the Gendarmes might just calculate your average speed and penalise you accordingly.

REST FREQUENTLY - France is a big country, and to get from town to town in that race from the channel can lead to tiredness and accidents. Most of the major roads have well equipped stopping places (called "Aire de Something" on the signs, where you can stop and take a nap, stretch your legs, or swap drivers.
Driving in France
The French no longer require yellow lamps, but you will need to buy and fit a beam deflector pack, so the lights dip on the other side. NOTE - French regulations REQUIRE that you carry a replacement bulb set in the car at all times.
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